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  I yearned to be able to show you Renata, "Peach", this delicious and juicy fruit beginning to get naked and get a hit...
  Here she is finally, the double of my honey. This beautiful canon liberates eroticism breathtaking. What is wonderful with her, when viewed jiggle and caress, it's this subtle mixture of candor and freshness illuminated her irresistible mischievous smile.
  Renata is an invitation to the pleasures of the world together with the promise of bodies found ...
  A nod to my girlfriend...!

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Video 1: Renata Playful Peach In The Pool

  Here is a beautiful video of Renata where we can appreciate and even love her gorgeous body.
  What I like in her, and more likeness with my darling girlfriend, is again this subtle blend of candor and roguery. A truly ingenuous shall we say.
  This wonderful chest can then discover with this pair of big titties, all he has more natural floating there like a Mae West. For proof of how she handles, caresses and balance especially towards the last seconds of the video (10'20 '' -> 10'38 ")...
  At the same time she animates her big tits with one hand, we dwell on her big meaty pussy she meticulously weasel with her other fingers. Then one sees in her sidelong glance and a mischievous grin of pleasure...
  It was then that I imagine with my girlfriend giving show for our great pleasure to both...
  For those who hunger and thirst for love and fresh water...!!

  ideal wmv file for Windows Media Player
  proportion: 4/3
  duration: 10mn 46s
  quality: excellent
  file size: 90 MB (480 x 360)

Video 2: Renata Busty Poolside Treat

Caractéristiques :
  fichier wmv idéal pour lecteur Windows Media Player 
  proportion : 4/3
  durée : 12mn 55s
  qualité : excellente
  poids du fichier : 191 Mo (640 x 480)
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